Saturday, November 5, 2011

Villa Escudero, San Pablo City

This is the most exciting place i manage to visit during my stay in Manila. Bizzy Body has arranged a photoshoot session for the finalist. I'm so jealous. How come boleh sponsor photoshoot dekat luar negara? I want it too! I want! Teheheee.

Okay it tooks 2 hours from Manila city to Villa Escudero. I enjoy the scenery along the way. We even have a sort of bonding session and sharing experience. Its so funny and exciting! Oh actually i goggle-ed before i went there. So the excitement is double up! ;p

 The museum inside the villa area. A must visit once you are there. I love all the collection. from one generation to the other.

 The tram. You can choose either transported by the carabao-cart or the cute tram to enjoy the Villa scenery.

See I told ya, Im excited. Duduk depan sekali tau! Hii

The resort area. its so breezy.

 Hi Danny! Oh he is actually the Chief Marketing Officer of Wynn International. Sporting betul! :)

I miss this place.


Dawa said...

wow cantiknya konsep restoran dkt air terjun tu. mmg kt dlm resort tu ke?

Rina Salleh said...

Yes, restorant dkt air terjun dalam Villa escudero ni. Unik! ;)

ZaHiDa said...

wah, style sgt restoran tu.. =) malaysia xde lg cmni.. huhu