Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogging trip invitation to Manila, Philippines

I once dream that someday I'll be invited to do some product review just like any other famous blog. Or been invited to some event and later blog about it. Or received a free sample and do some review. Sample as simple as a camera would do. T_T. Im asking too much eh? Or maybe phone, or maybe some designer dress. Or maybe...  Oh Oh day dreaming.

But hey! Who knows that by dreaming it's actually come true. Expert once said that to make things come true we need to be able to dream about it first. Hihihi. 

When Li Hua first emailed me, I assumed it was just another spam email. Siapa nak percaya dapat invitation pergi Manila, Filipina tiba-tiba? Sama macam dapat email "Congratulations, you just won $1,000,000. Please contact us". Exaggerate.

But yeah, I was invited by Philippine Tourism and Bizzy Body Malaysia to join the trip to Manila! Awesome kan. Btw, this trip is in conjunction with Bizzy Body Ambassador Search Grand Finals 2011/2012. Thus, 20 finalist will be having their International Photoshoot at Philippine. Phewww!

Touch down at 6.30am. Mabuhay (means welcome) Oh, there is no time difference between Manila and Malaysia.

Jeepney. The most popular public transportation in Philippines. Cute.


Check-in at The Heritage Manila. It's a 5 star hotel. I'm just telling. Ehem ehem.

Hotel lobby

Bandarnya juga macet ama seperti di Jakarta. uhhhh

Greenbelt Area.

Ayala Museum.
I have to say its a superb museum. Its more like an art gallery. Should go and have a look. Its located nearby Greenbelt 4. (Picture credit to Google as we are not allowed to take picture inside the museum)

Seafood island for dinner

End of day one. The excitement of writing this is about the same while I'm there. Fuhhh fuhhh. More story about Manila soon!


Nini Marini said...

kak rina dearie,
okeh. saya dah baca blog akak. kene terus kawan okkeyy? :p

btw, you are so lucky to be given this oppoturnity. but i'm not envying you, cos u deserve it. and i'm proud of you.

Kene story banyak² lagi pasni tau. eventho i know u are busy-busy woman now. heheh. saje je nak dera kak rina.

Loveeee. <3

Nizam said...

very nice!how bout the food?senang nk cari makanan halal?

Galaxy said...

nice blog....jemput jenguk blog kami balik ye?mana tau teringin nak g bercuti dgn fizo omar ke....